High School Sailing?

High School Sailing is an opportunity for boys and girls to learn to sail, race and compete against other high school teams and travel to regattas. At the highest level, high school sailing leads to national competitions.

How is it organized?
Currently more than 80 schools in California and Hawaii are registered in the Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA). Eligibility is open to boys and girls in ninth through twelfth grades (eighth graders can crew in double-handed boats). The northern California region sponsors regattas each school year around the SF Bay area.

What about High School Sailing in the Sacramento area?
The Lake Washington Sailing Club, in West Sacramento, supports local high school teams.  LWSC supplies boats, coaches, trailers and much more.

There are both weekend and weekday practices.  None are mandatory, but we encourage athletes to attend as many as possible, and at least one each week.  Weekday practices are Monday & Wednesday 4PM to 7PM.  Weekend practice can be either Saturday or Sunday, depending on other Lake Washington activities, from 1pm until 4pm.  Click here for the 2016-2017 schedule.

There is no practice on weekends when there is a Regatta.

What boats are sailed?
Most HS sailing is “fleet” racing - 30 or 40 boats crossing the starting line at the same time. It is done in a double-handed dinghies called the Flying Junior, or “FJ”. There are also opportunities for gaining single-handed experience in Sunfish and Lasers.

What happens at a High School Regatta?
High school teams arrive at the host Club early in the morning towing trailers with FJ's on them and with cars full of kids and their sailing gear. Ideally each high school team has at least two members, one skipper and one crew,  but arrangements can be made for schools with only one interested sailor.

Are there opportunities to sail on my team this year?
YES! Both skipper and crew positions are available.

Register Here.  

When does it start?
The first practice is in late August.  Click here for our current schedule.  Students and parents are both invited.  Late Registrations are accepted.

How much does it cost?
The fee for the 40-50 scheduled practice and regatta sessions scheduled for 2016-2017 is $300.

What are the benefits of joining the LWSC High School sailing team?
* Sailing is a co-educational competitive sport.
* Colleges actively recruit talented sailors for their college teams.
* Sailing not only involves a high level of physical strength and agility but it teaches students about navigation, physics, the marine environment, SF Bay and the importance of teamwork.
* Sailing is a worldwide activity that literally can take you around the globe and provide instant introduction to people in every country.
* Sailing is a physically active sport, but it is a “whole body” sport and does not require excessive use of any specific part of the body, thus no repetitive stress injuries.
* Sailing is a sport that you will enjoy throughout your life. 
* Supervised use of LWSC facilities, offering the highest standard of safe, quality access to the water.
* Supervised use of a fleet of FJs, Sunfish & Lasers.
* Safety and rescue boats on the water at all times with liability coverage under the Club's insurance policy.
* High-quality coaching during regattas and practices.

* Completed Registration Forms and proof of swimming ability.
* Enthusiasm and commitment.

Register Here



Head Coach, Tom Locker
530-753-1676 or lwschsteam@gmail.com

PCISA website: www.PCISA.org, includes latest Bay Area HS Regatta schedule


All School teams practice together, in an effort to put as many boats together as possible to more realistically simulate a regatta experience.

Practice will occur regardless of inclement weather so sailors should anticipate sailing in all types of weather. Coaches will make a determination at 1pm as to whether conditions warrant sailing or not.

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