Summer Racing Program

May through late-July will be our new Summer Racing Program. The program is geared towards Junior & Senior High School students (grades 6 -12), but younger sailors may enroll with instructor or coach approval.  The practices will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoons (4:00PM to 7:00PM).  Weekends will be devoted to Regattas (optional for those interested).  The Team will support, with coaching and equipment, those interested in the many racing opportunities at Lake Washington and other Clubs hosting the Bay Area Youth Sailing (BAYS) Regattas around the Bay. The BAYS regattas have fleets of FJs, 420s, Lasers, and Optis.

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Most of these dates are already posted on the Schedule page on our website:

While our school-year program revolves around the sailors’ High Schools, these summer series allow sailors to sail as individuals (in Lasers or Optis) or team up with a friend (regardless of which schools they attend) for double-handing in an FJ.  The cost for this program will be $300.

Practices during the Summer Program will be a lot like our school-year practices - meaning drills around buoys and practice races with switching of crews. The goals of this time in the boat is to get as much boathandling time as possible. Just like driving a car, driving a boat requires a bunch of routine practice.

Second, we have several special training days planned for the summer group. We are arranging for at least one day of training on windsurfers. The Thistle fleet will be bringing out a few boats for us to rotate on and learn about flying a spinnaker. We are planning a Bay sailing excursion to explore Angel Island and tour the Bay.

The practices are specifically chosen to run from 4PM to 7PM in order to take advantage of the developing delta breeze, fit into schedules with those who work or take summer classes during the day, and have an opportunity to cool off at the end of the day. You are welcome to join at any time during the season.

Participants will be able to participate in the LWSC One-Design Regattas held once per month at the club. You are also encouraged to attend a monthly Bay Area Youth Sailing regatta if you chose. Neither of these types of regattas have school requirements.

We hope to see many of you at the lake this summer and look forward to a return of warm weather sailing.

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